About Us


Surveillance Party is a digital record label, artist collective and events crew based in Sydney.  Founded in 2013 with the goal of creating a positive and inclusive scene for people to enjoy up and coming tunes, Surveillance Party have developed a singular music-sharing vision that sees them foster memorable musical experiences for artists and supporters alike.

Our passion is to celebrate the creativity of homegrown and hand crafted music, wherever it may arise and it whatever genre form it's written. We release singles and album across iTunes, Spotify, Beatport and GooglePlay, and also take full advantage of Sydney's culture and climate, holding club nights, warehouse gigs, beach parties, silent headphone raves and intimate band showcases.  

We want to share music with you in a peaceful and inclusive spirit. Our dedicated collective is growing, and the door is always open for people to join the community, whether they want to release tunes, help us run the label, pitch in on the events side of things or just keep dancing!