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Xan Müller La Luz Music! Thanks for gracing our party peeps with your lovely presence tonight smile emoticon
The music at our parties tends to speak for itself, and yours certainly did when we heard it. Personally I would describe it as dreamy electro-infused indie. I think your term was "pulse pop". On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you about playing at Surveillance Party #3 (heheh)?

La Luz Music Hey hey everyone! I was totally stoked to play i pretty much blurted it out with a big smile to my family cause i always get excited for shows. But this one looks dope

Xan Müller Yeaya, we're very much looking forward to your set, and we reckon you will really fit well with the Surveillance Party ethos. You're a self-described multi-instrumentalist >> how did you arrive at your sound in terms of your music training, your genre tastes and your choice of instrumentation?

La Luz Music Yeh cool, i started out as a guitar player and singer when i was 9 and got lessons for a while. Decided stuff imma teach myself how to play. I grew up in The Red Hot chilli Peppers n all the 90s grunge n P Diddy when i thought it was cool. Over the last 5 years studying music n everything meeting different artists n touring i got a love for electronic music. I knew i had to work hard at it i love those slow dance jams a lot now. SHURA is certainly an inspiration for my music. I am still new to beat making and producing but i love. I geek out on it, always learning more everyday

Xan Müller I won't lie, I just looked up SHURA. Super interesting where people's first stab at music discovery takes them. We had a garage house producer DB Drops commenting that The Smiths were his fave band, so go figure (I gotta say, "Hoe Soon Is Now" is an amazing song). What's your fave Chilli Peppers album and why?

La Luz Music By the Way most certainly. I have every album and biography on them. That album for me was just different from any of their earlier 90s funk driven albums. Always been a big fan of john F guitar playing. Wanted to be just like him , the album itself for me is just really vibrant, sad, dirty and everything the chilli peppers are. Scar Tissue was the first song i ever learnt on guitar (upside down cause im left handed) if you havent heard it go and hear it. Brilliant piece of art by a band that for me got me into playing multiple instruments

Xan Müller Kool nice one! Good skill to be able to back yourself up there. It's one thing to feel a response, but to be able to unpack it all can be handy. So, you tend to combine guitars, bass, beats, samples and your own stellar vocals. Where is the line between the technical implementation and your own vibe and feeling, creating moments or moods? Where does your mind sit when you're making your own music?

La Luz Music Umm i procrastinate a lot like most people. I always seem to come up with an idea whether it be a guitar meoldy, vocal melody etc it is always at 3am in the morning or when im eating dinner. Im one of those artists that will get the first idea down and then dork out for 8 hours in my little room with cups of tea. I always want to have a good guitar melody or layered vocal because they are just my two most important things in my music. I have a pretty husky voice so beats i try not to make to insane but compliment it in the best possible way. I sing about pretty emotional stuff, family, love, passion, aliens and nature.

Xan Müller HAhaha. What alien trope are we talking about here? Little green men? Legit scientific wonder about extra terrestrials? Bit of both?

La Luz Music Aha a little bit of both but more in particular in telation to people you come across in everyday life. one tune that i wrote 2 years back called Tritium which i did a collab on w Lyall Moloney for his Only Lonely album. That is based on a Spiderman 2 reference. Once 8 looked it up its a an extremely rare type of atom to do with energy or something. I have my moments chucking in weird little dorky things i dont actually know about and make them sound cool by singing it aha.

Xan Müller Heheh. Dork. Yeah I've awlays thought in some of those more ethereal tracks around these days, people could be singing about anything and I would just be zoning out on the reverb. I must say, I am a big fan of this track of yours:

Xan Müller What's it all about?

La Luz Music Aha dope, yeh that one i literally pulled it all together in about 10 hours on a Friday. I just held a few drones on my keyboard and went yep i know where to take this. I got a little inspiration from Shuras White Light song for the really simple guitar line w reverb. I use a lot of reverb guitar and vocals. Its pretty much what to expect when listening to it. I came up w pulse pop whilst writing this song. Its not head bop dancy its more of a float through clouds and sway your body freely type song. Whilst being lyrically emotional. But the simple 4 to the floor for me gets anyone doing something

Xan Müller Yeppo. Well, definitely keen to check it out live, as I'm sure everyone else is. Hey guess what? Did you know that you and I have ALREADY played a gig together in the past?

La Luz Music Dealing w family issues and seeing inside someone else for just a second pretty much is what its about.


Xan Müller Yeah me and CC were facestalking your artist profile to find some pics to use for promo, and we realised you were that girl that was dancing like no one was watching at the La Femme gig at Captain Cook Hotel just a little while back. I think you were playing early in the night, and actually I didn't catch your set cause I was outside shaking my pre-set nerves. I was playing in my band that night, Mirella's Inferno.

Courtney Calloway heheh I had a boogie with ya wink emoticon
was a good night!

La Luz Music AHA that'd be right always the one taking the dancing to new heigts. Yeh you had that insane synth set up going on. I have never seen so many leads n DI's flung everywhere. Yeh i played 2nd. That was a really fun night and you guys were awesome!

Xan Müller Yeah I distinctly recall setting up that night saying to myself "dude you have to scale this down". I'm sad I missed your set, BUUUTT, super keen to catch you in November. Also, I wanna say thanks so much for getting all your friends so enthusiastically involved. We've seen so many new names come through upon announcing you, and we are truly stoked to be sharing the experience with a wider circle once again. If you could sum up your planned set for SP#3 with one phrase, what would it be?

La Luz Music Cheers guys i am super keen for it. Have a few friends bands playing so it will be great to see everyone do their theng. One phrase ohh 'Female pulse pop Hendrix' Best i can come up with.

Xan Müller hahha no bad for impromtu. La Luz, thank you so much for joining us today from Colombia via the Inner West,,,, Catchya in Nov!

La Luz Music Aha cheers man. Its gonna be a party, catch yall later 😙

Ps Colombia

Courtney Calloway I LOVE YOU La Luz Music! such a great interview. 

Cant wait for it to all unfold! grin emoticon

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