Surveillance Party chats with Audio Junkies


by Courtney Calloway

Fresh after their release through Israeli record label Asymmetric Recordings, Daniel from Audio Junkies takes time out from his busy schedule to chat to us from half a world away...

Surveillance Party: So whats your corner of the EDM scene like in Tel Aviv?

Daniel: Tel-Aviv is an amazing and unique city, especially in the summer time. For such a small city it has an unbelievable night life. Almost every night of the week you can go out to party. Musically you can find almost any genre you desire, from house and techno to psy trance, trap, EDM, rock, hip hop etc…

Surveillance Party: Who is in the Audio Junkies crew? How did you come to be?

Daniel:  Audio Junkies are made up of Daniel and Yoav (Joe) and we came to be thanks to our loving parents, who brought us to this world. In my teens I played guitar, drums, bass, and played in quite a few bands also. Later on I got into electronic music, thanks to the influences of my big bro Joe. We began DJing at friends' birthday parties, and private venues in Tel-Aviv, and a couple of years after that, I bought my first computer, got a pair of crappy monitors, and began making some beats in the living room.

Surveillance Party: We heard one of you runs a music production school - is that right?

Daniel: Not exactly, I currently teach production at an electronic music college in Tel-Aviv called BPM. It's definitely a cool school; almost every semester I am blown away by some of the hidden talents in my classes.

Surveillance Party: Whats a typical workflow for you guys when you're producing? Got any sneaky production tips?

Daniel: It really depends on the mood, but when inspiration is flowing, we love firing up the Juno 60 and the Juno 106, and just play or jam to get some cool ideas going. I think the best tip I can give is to try and concentrate on the writing process, and to make sure that the sound selection, drums, bass and leads, sound solid before starting to edit the track.

Surveillance Party: How did your collaboration with Haptic take place?

Daniel:  A good friend of mine, Sakorka, sent me some tracks of his which I signed on one of my labels, Asymmetric Recordings. One of those tracks had an amazing vocal, which Sakorka found online on an acapella website but he could not tell me exactly who the vocalist was. To make a long story short, I tracked down Haptic all the way down under (via the net of course ), and this amazing release came to be.

Surveillance Party: What's on the horizon for you guys for 2015?

Daniel: We had an amazing 2014, releasing music on labels such as Solomon's Dynamic Music, Get Physical, Lapsus Music, Great Stuff, and we are now super busy in the studio finishing up new music and productions, including an amazing new collaboration with Haptic called "Vitamins".

Surveillance Party: If you had to name just two of your most profound musical influences, who would you go for? 

Daniel: Very difficult question to answer. We have been influenced by so many amazing artists from almost every genre you can think of. But definitely on the top of the list Kraftwerk and Giorgo Moroder.

Surveillance Party: Lannister or Stark?

Daniel: Haha, Stark I guess.

Surveillance Party: Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Daniel, very much appreciated here.

Daniel: You're welcome.

Surveillance Party: And thank you for humouring us with that final question...

Daniel: Also welcome.


The Audio Junkies remix of "Love is Over" is out now on Beatport and is a staff pick. Supported by Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Groove Armada, Supernova, Max Bett, Paco Osuna, Jimmy Van M, Eelke Kleijn + many more...


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