Roland Tings: Album Launch

Roland Tings

Roland Tings

Marrickville Bowling Club, March 21

By Tanya Rae

The one genre that was unexpected from a DJ set by up-and-coming Melbourne deep house producer Roland Tings, was disco. This is what he immersed himself in for the two painfully long hours of his so called “album launch” where he played all of about two and a half songs off his LP (one of them should’ve been Who U Love).  

Tings (real name Rohan Newman) kicked off the night with tracks that had a real 70’s cyber-disco feel to them, which the crowd seemed not to mind so much, but for this reviewer, was boring, tedious and unpleasant. Triple J Good Nights presenter Linda Marigliano even made an appearance at the beginning of the night in support of the local Aussie DJ, but quietly slipped away towards the end of his set.

For someone who bought a hardcopy of Roland Tings’ debut album (which is a damn big deal for a young adult in the 21st century), and for him to abstain from playing anything remotely deep house, was disappointing and underwhelming to say the very least. Not only did he refrain from playing the genre of music that was so overwhelmingly apparent in his LP, Tings moved, head-bopped and generally danced way too much to beats that weren’t there, here stood a man who clearly enjoyed the sound of his own set but perhaps failed to realise that others might’ve had somewhat different expectations to what he would sound like live.

Personally, I had high hopes and high expectations for Roland Tings, but following his DJ set at Marrickville Bowling Club, let’s just hope he sticks to producing and releasing electronic/house music albums instead of attempting to charm us through his superficial, cheesy, old-school, out of date DJ sets.