There is a Buzz in the air....


I don't know what it looks like from the outside, but from the inside of Surveillance Party we are seeing it everywhere. Social media stats reading near exponential growth, strong ticket sales, creatives of all types appearing out of thin air and saying this looks interesting, could I please be a part of it?  Media outlets that 12 months ago would never have responded to our overtures now actively seek us out to form a dialogue.

It wasn't always this way. We've had two years of very hard work, disappointments, setbacks, mistakes, and just occasionally, little glimpses of what one day might be. We've had artists lecture us on how we are doing everything wrong while simultaneously taking everything we had to give. We've had brilliant moments of clarity where a piece of the road Surveillance Party must go down has suddenly been illuminated. We've witnessed moments of generosity that are truly breathtaking.

Why would a record label write publicly like this? Wouldn't you expect us to keep our inner workings secret, presenting the public only with the flash and glamour of the latest press release?

The truth is, Surveillance Party isn't really a label in the traditional sense. A typical label like Shock or Universal follows a business model basically identical to any other: sell product, get money. Surveillance Party aims to do that too, but its profit drive is subsumed by its other drive. Namely, to build a movement where people can safely and sociably exist, party, collaborate, and generally express themselves.

Nor is Surveillance Party an artist collective. Collectives are often chaotic, amorphous, more or less leaderless entities which while exciting, tend to lack the focus needed to truly make something substantial happen.

Surveillance Party is something new. Yes it is a record label. Yes it is an artist collective. But it is also something more than the totality of those two things. Each accumulated success clarifies the goals that lie ahead. Not wanting to give away too much, but lets just say that the rest of 2015, and into 2016 should hold a few pleasant surprises for music lovers and music creators alike.

In a world of rampant commercialism, a willingness to invest your time in developing intangibles gives you an edge.

In a world of rampant individualism where everything is reduced to a transaction, a willingness to share your time and skills with others gives the whole group an edge.

In an atomised world of isolation where neighbours ignore each other and families are ever more nucleic, being part of a creative and giving community will enrich your life.

Too Long Didn't Read: Fuck the modern world, join the Surveillance Party.

-Mark Forester aka Haptic.