Asta, Vigilantes: Gig Review / Newtown Social Club



By Tanya Rae

Vigilantes took to the stage and kicked off with some indie pop tunes laced with slight rock and electronica influences. The lead female singer also played keyboard with her backup vocals on the electric guitar. They were an adorable duo that loosened up the few people in the room with their confident light chitchat. For their second last track, Vigilantes played a song called Circles, and finished off with a groovy saxophonist jumping on stage to play their final song.  

Shortly after 10pm, the band commenced their set by blowing off our eardrums, before Asta wandered on stage decked out in loose high-waisted white pants, a shiny silver crop top and what looked like a dentist’s lab coat with “Superfood Rockstar” written on the back of it. She was a natural performer with a big soulful, country kind of voice and hit every high note with the ease and grace of a performer twice her age and experience.

Asta had a really charismatic, almost cheeky stage presence, bopping and dancing around stage animatedly, hands in the air like pistols raised and shaking her little tush side to side. “This is my last show of a very short tour,” she announced before belting out the track that crowned her the triple j unearthed high winner for 2012, My Heart Is On Fire. She sung with a voice that was raw, honest, passionate and undeniably wholesome, and it boomed throughout the entire room. This is one performer who needed a much larger stage and audience.  

Towards the end of her set, she stepped off stage and embraced a couple friends before hopping back on and telling us “It feels so good to be doing live shows again. Oh my god I’m coming alive!” She sung I Need Anwers spectacularly, before finishing off with her funky, catchy new single, Dynamite. 

Check out I Need Answers, below: