Ray Badran: Comedy Review

                 Ray Badran  

                 Ray Badran 

Enmore Laneway, May 7th  

The self-confessed man child/gentleman boy performed his stand up show in a room full of about forty odd people, and was surprisingly well, pretty damn funny. Badran is honest, observant, self-deprecating and he more than proved himself as a witty and worthy comedian.

He spoke of his experiences with being banned from eBay, meeting ‘The Hoff’ dressed in matching gorilla suits, being referred to and known as ‘Graham’ as his local café, and that incident. Badran came across as a down to earth, harmless creature incapable of harnessing a truly spiteful bone in his body, and this coming from someone who was initially quite disturbed with how he handled the controversial rape joke incident, should speak volumes.

Take a chance on an upcoming comedian, keep an open mind and remember there are always two sides to every story.