EMOJI RAVE ☺︎ is Launched


One of the keys to our success of late has been the incorporation of a silent rave element into our events.  The introduction of Secret Sound Solutions, who run the headphone setup at our parties, has meant that we have avoided encounters with authorities that otherwise would have been inevitable, and added an extra novelty element to our nights that speaks well of the human-technology relationship. 

On Saturday 8th August, we will be launching our first 100% silent event, where there is no sound system and a near-guarantee of no grumpy neighbours.

Sydney is still a growing city, finding its place as a world entity. Draconian licensing, lockout and trading hours laws combined with highly policed city-wide noise restrictions are severe hurdles to our progress as musicians, as fun loving people, as a relaxed, happy and adult-catered society. Never mind. We will get there.

In the meantime, I'd like to mention a couple of other successful elements to these events, more along the lines of promotion. Firstly, we came up with a great model whereby we sell a double pass as a single discounted product. I highly recommend to promoters that you do this. We sell more doubles than singles. Although they are discounted, the shortfall seems to be made up for by the feedback loop generated by higher attendance per purchase.

Secondly, in order to create the double pass, we actually had to come up with a novel way of packaging it. We used to sell PDF tickets through Eventbrite, but it's expensive, a pain to set up, the money doesn't hit our account until after the event and we can't generate our double pass as a product option. Instead we decided to use our existing digital record label infrastructure, in the form of a store that sells mp3 files. Our tickets are actually mp3s. It works quite well. We simply ensure that the ticketholders' names are noted, and we just create a guestlist from there. The mp3 file is a token of our appreciation, and not necessary to the actual entry process for the customer. We create a bespoke mp3 ticket with all the details read out over a soundscape or music track, and album artwork so that if you play it on iTunes, you see an image pertaining to the event.

It's fun to share these types of things with our audience, because they don't always get to experience our recorded music (the gigs are more popular than the tracks). Oh well, that's it for me. Emoji Rave ☺︎ happens on Saturday 8th August, see you there...

- xan