SP#2 Roundup / SP#3 Announcement!


I can't begin to describe to you how much I want to go back to last Saturday. Our fledgling label hit a new stride, grabbing a wider audience, welcoming old friends back and throwing Sydney's coolest fucking party, Surveillance Party #2.

I can share with you the secrets of our success right now, and I hope you use them for your project...


We share, we include, we involve. We tell a story with our party, take you on a journey. We shift the flavours, change up the focal points, pull people around a sonic and social playground so that every moment is taken up with fun. There's no pressure to look cool, there's no one to judge you. Just a bunch of friendly hosts and their guests, and the guests of their guests. We dance, we sing along, we laugh and create magic, and we make you feel welcome.

So welcome everybody, to Surveillance Party #3, SATURDAY 21st November 2015...  

Xan MüllerComment