Haptic #1 on Beatport Chart!

This is massive news for our label, but it's a little bit under the radar in our local music scene, so it won't get a lot of coverage. The man who co-founded Surveillance Party with me back in 2013, Haptic (aka Mark Forester), currently has a release sitting at number 1 position on the worldwide Beatport chart. This is pretty phenomenal stuff.


For those of you who don't know, Beatport is basically iTunes for DJs. To be sitting at the top position is a strong accolade, and testament to the quality of this man's output. The track, entitled "Format It" is a collaboration with Audio Junkies, who hail from Tel Aviv. Well done guys, seriously proud of you all for this release!

The track reportedly got a pounding at the Detroit Movement Electronic Music Festival recently. I'll try and dig the footage up for you shortly :)

Xan MüllerComment