Haptic's Debut Album DROPS SOON

Not long now until my studio buddy, collaborator and co-founder of Surveillance Party, that talented lad Haptic drops his brand spanking new debut album for all the world to hear. I've heard bits and piece of this stoner drum n bass epic in the studio in between all our week-to-week label goings on, plus we all the legends at Surveillance Party #2 had the pleasure of hearing him crank it live in a warehouse setting. Anyway, I can tell you that it's a special release.

This is somewhat of a coming of age release for a very skilled and talented producer who pushes technology to its limits to create new and unique sonic art. Haptic discovered producing drum n bass only eighteen months ago, when we first hooked up with the Afterlife crew (Sydney's premier dnb specialists). Since then, he's been going hell-for-leather creating frenetic experimental masterpieces on his self-built Reactable contraption.

The release is casually slated for November 2015, and here's hoping he gets it out in time to crank it out at Surveillance Party #3! C'mon Haptic, you can do it!

Xan MüllerComment